Stay Healthy at the Gym This Holiday Season and In the New Year


Are you taking care of your skin post-workout? Many people aren’t aware that gym health extends beyond washing your hands after lifting weights. With recent reports confirming startling MRSA carrier rates in athletes and those who lead active lifestyles, and the dangers of tight activewear, now is better time than ever to implement an after-gym routine that will benefit your skin.

Below are tips for keeping your skin healthy once the workout is over:

  • Remove clothing as soon as possible after your workout is completed.
  • Dry off the area in between your toes to avoid Athlete’s Foot. CLn® Hand & Foot Wash is designed by dermatologists to achieve a deeper cleansing for athletes and professionals whose hands, feet or nails are prone to fungus, dermatitis, infection, athlete’s foot and odor.
  • Don’t wear yoga pants everyday, as they are not meant for daily use. The tight fabric traps bacteria and sweat in its fibers, causing the stuff to stick to skin. Once the bumps are present, experts recommend a medicated body wash to treat and prevent further breakouts, like CLn® BodyWash.
  • Always carry a medicated body wash in your gym bag for when you’re running short on time and cannot return home to shower. CLn® SportWash, the body wash made for gym-goers and athletes, is made to treat and prevent acne or folliculitis on the body. It’s a gym bag essential, especially for those of us who do spend a lot of time at the gym.
  • Bring your own yoga mat to classes at the gym. Regularly wipe down your yoga mat and wash with a medicated body wash. CLn® SportWash is formulated for athletes and cleanses exposed areas of the body that accumulate bacteria from yoga mats.
  • Research indicates there is a high MRSA carrier rate in athletes who engage in contact sports (football, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, etc.) and even non-contact sports and activities (Crossfit, Yoga, etc.) CLn® SportWash functions to rid the skin of the type of bacteria that causes MRSA. Experts emphasize that good hygiene in athletes is the most effective way to stop the spread of the infection.

Wiping down your equipment isn't enough to prevent skin conditions that linger on the machines. Here's how to protect your skin before and after a workout.


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