The Reliefband — drug-free way to stop nausea!


The FDA has cleared the ‘reliefband’ for use to address nausea caused by these conditions. It is a high-tech gadget that is drug-free. After applying the conductivity gel that comes with the device, this little item is placed on the underside of the wrist and sends out pulses that target the specific area of the brain that sends out the nausea signal to your body. It sends a “no nausea” signal to the brain to stop or reduce nausea.

Without drugs there are no side effects like sleepiness or being loopy, as there are with many prescription and over the counter remedies for nausea. With prescription and over the counter medicines, sleepiness or wooziness are often side effects that take a toll on you when you’re on a trip. Instead of enjoying all the excitement on a cruise ship, you’re either stuck in your room with nausea or too tired to get up and do anything. Does this sound familiar?

Motion sickness affects millions of people. Now add in those who suffer from migraines and morning sickness. That’s a lot of people who often feel nauseous. The reliefband can help.

By targeting the neural pathways that tell your brain to stop the nausea, the reliefband is an advancement in technology and medicine combined.

Kate Middleton brought morning sickness to light when she suffered from its debilitating effects while pregnant with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. She might have benefited from this new device.

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