Danny Boylen Teaches Us How To Cook With An (in)Appropriate Amount of Butter


If his mother is to be believed, danny started his culinary career at age four by making a Mother’s Day breakfast in bed and hasn’t stopped cooking since. After a successful career in the IT sector, more than 20 years ago opportunity and availability aligned to “force” danny to pursue his passion for food and hospitality.
While he can be described as self-taught, some of his kitchen/management positions have been with 1910 Restaurant, Butterfield 9, Bossa Bistro & Lounge, and Notti Bianchi. While at Notti Bianchi he won a Washington Restaurant Association RAMMY Award, a Star Chefs nod, among other awards and nominations. He is also an award-winning wine director, an avid cigar smoker, jazz lover, and a huge fan of all things pork.
If you’re curious, the lower case nomenclature is a thing danny learned from his father about humility and the work being more important than the artist.

In his new book, An (in)Appropriate Amount of Butter, the chef and owner of DC’s premier personal chef service, Cogito Ergo Sauté brings his long-simmering project to fruition, with thanks to the recent quarantimes. The recipes are largely originals with a handful of “classics” that have been modified in such a manner that they demand inclusion. 
Visit www.appropriatebutter.com and www.cesaute.com for more information.
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A version of this article was published by Good Day Orange County. It has been republished here with permission.


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