Cricket Magazine Giveaway


Cricket is doing a fantastic magazine giveaway! We’re giving away an entire year’s subscription to one of our award-winning magazines from the “bug” collection of your choice! The choices include:

Babybug, a baby-book formatted magazine to entertain your babies and toddlers; Ladybug, with puzzles, games and stories for your  preschoolers; Spider, to get your six-to-nine-year-olds reading fiction, non-fiction, and poetry by talented writers; and Cricket, a more mature magazine for ages nine to 14 with serialized, engaging stories to keep your kids off electronics.

Each of these is richly packed with high-quality illustrations and content for every age. Your children will love these fun, colorful magazines designed to educate and inspire. Cricket also offers many other magazines besides the ones in this giveaway like Cicada, Ask, Cobblestone, and more for parents and kids alike. We also have a blog especially for parents to help their kids get on the path to learning.

Stay tuned for more exciting giveaways!


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