Cooking with Hot Logic


Whether you’re going to a picnic, taking food for a family get-together, or hosting your annual tailgate party, the Hot Logic electric boxes will ramp up your experience. With the Hot Logic cooking boxes, it’s easier than ever to cook, reheat, and transport food to wherever you are going, even if it’s just to the office.

This is a 3-in-1 item. It cooks, heats, and warms your food – even frozen foods. All you need is an electric outlet and you’re ready to cook. When traveling, check to see if your new auto or SUV is equipped with a special outlet as many new ones are. If you don’t have an outlet in your car — don’t worry. Simply get the Hot Logic Mini Deluxe models, which come with car inverters. If you have the larger model, inverters can be purchased from a variety of online retailers for a nominal price.

The Hot Logic Mini also comes with its own Pyrex dish. Simply put your food into the dish, place into the Hot Logic, plug it in, and in a few hours your food is ready to eat. Imagine putting hot dogs and chicken into the Hot Logic, plugging it in, and then taking off for a picnic.

The full size Hot Logic accommodates a 9 x 13 casserole dish, which is not included. Use your own casserole dish filled with whatever you like – lasagna, chicken, fish, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. You can even add frozen veggies with your meat. In a few hours, you’ll have a hot, delicious meal. If you prefer to use a frozen meal, just place into the Hot Logic and you’ll have hot food ready to eat without the use of a microwave. This is perfect for home cooked meals at the office. Just plug it in when you get to work. At lunchtime, when your coworkers are fighting over the microwave — you will be dining on your favorite meal.

Tailgating will be even more fun this year when you have a Hot Logic. Whether you make hot dogs or lasagna, your food will be hot and ready when you are. All you need is access to an electric outlet. Tailgating parties, picnics, BBQs, college dorm rooms, the office, family reunions, or just going to the grandparents for dinner, there are plenty of places where the Hot Logic will come in handy.


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